Life In London: Look Right, then Left

By: jac31

Oct 08 2011

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Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE C182 Digital Camera

The past two weeks have been an interesting adventure. I have finally mastered the 6 hour time difference and am able to convert London time quickly to Chicago time. I have adjusted to the different transportation system, trains only really. The busses are quite a mess. And I have successfully been able to forget the exhange rate between pounds and dollars, something that comes in handy when I realize how much I spend on groceries for the week.

The first week I spent doing touristy things and not-so-touristy things but still pretty touristy. I visited Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, The National Gallary, as well as the Camden Town and Portobello Street Market. It has been amazing to see all the places I have seen in pictures for so long.  Everyone is quite nice to help as well.

Blending in as a ‘local’ at least for the semester has been a bit difficult given my accent, but I found my favorite coffee shop to study at as well as my favorite coffee shop to chat at.  The best news I had at school was the Badminton Team which I quickly signed up for and went to my first practice in 2 years. Everyone is really great and its great to hit around again.

Senioritis has kicked in already for sure, I dont really feel like doing any work for any of my classes… but then again who does when theres a beautiful park around the corner I can go read Harry Potter.  I am taking two great classes on London and the other two general education classes… they make me desprately miss my Marketing classes back home.

Homesickness comes and goes depending on the day. I would kill for a deep dish pizza and the beautiful Chicago skyline close by. (and a U-Pass for that matter) but, I will be home soon enough!